Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I must be doing better because this time around they let me have scissors. I have to be very careful not to run with them or they said they will take them away from me. I had to promise, and had to write 20 times 'I will not run with scissors', 'I will not run with scissors', 'I will not run with scissors'...they didn't say anything about throwing them !!!

While I was out in the real world I started building a Trailer Park out of cardboard and paper. That project will continue here. I will try to start at the beginning so bare with me because supplies are limited in this place. I have paper 
(empty cereal boxes), glue, paints, some clay, and my new
scissors, which I promised I wouldn't run with. I wouldn't
throw them either cause that wouldn't be very nice. 

Here's the first step. I drew a pattern on the back of a cornflakes box and the tires I made from Fimo, a clay you can cure in a home my case I had to let the cafeteria lady bake them for me...

Stay tune, more to follow, I promise :)

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