Sunday, October 23, 2011


Yesterday I was sitting at my desk waiting for guests to arrive and picked up a small glob of air dry clay.  I started pinching clay and soon these little guys just emerged from my finger tips. 

The phone rang and I needed someplace to sit them so I grabbed the first thing I saw.   It was a small branch of wood  I found at the lake that had this beautiful moss green/silver  patina.  I cut it into several short lengths  and  polyurethaned them to protect them for future projects .  Couldn't have come up with a better perch had I actually tried :)

I liked the color and pattern  of the wood so much I even shared a piece of it with a  friend in Canada, as if they don't have enough beautiful trees of their own already...

 They sort of reminded me of the Cow Birds that populated our feeders last season at the lake  and I couldn't resist getting out my colors to finish them off.

  They are a bit rough around the edges , but keep in's just a claydoodle .

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