Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The other day I set my blog preferences to allow  posting to my blog from my Blackberry.   It was simple enough to do.  I just had to text a code  to a blog number.

I forgot about it and the next afternoon, as I was sitting at my computer,  my phone received a text message.  When I looked at the text it was just a garbled bunch of numbers. I did what any red blooded American lad would do and immediately text back "dumb ass !"

Today's blog:  'Dumb ass'...that goes without saying.  


I Believe, cont'

Last night I finished landscaping Jensen's display case.  I decided to place him in a dry creek bed. I was telling you before about using pine needles bunched as reeds and those turned out to be rather realistic looking, if I do say so myself.

I laid a ground of the same air dry clay that I used for the large stones. Then I rolled a mess of various sized balls of clay and flattened them into little round, smooth river rocks.  I'm pretty happy with it considering it's the first time I've worked in this particular medium.

I dropped a tiny branch into the reeds over the larger rock which added a bit more realism, then painted the whole thing.  I still have to add a polymer satin finish to the ground and then the only thing left to do will be putting the sides up and gluing on my Gothic hinges .

I'm still working out the top of the case which will fit like a lid.  I'm wanting to build some kind of lighting into it and I'm looking for a battery operated LED that isn't that horrible blue/white light.  Any suggestions from outside these walls would be greatly appreciated.

Well, I'm not getting it done sitting here. I have to go hide this stuff,  it's about time for my meds...yeah ! 

Thanks for the visit