Monday, October 10, 2011

I believe, cont' 

I have to thank a new City-O-Clay friend, Karin, for turning me on to builders foam.  I was able to use it to build a simple platform stepped up with a cut out the size of the side panels of glass. 

I used an air dry clay to cover the base and after scoring it the way I wanted the stones to lay, I shaped them a bit then I imprinted them with a nice texture of a rock I found in the shock therapy was covered in bite marks.  Then I painted the whole thing and used a Satin Liquitex finish.

I planned the base for four inch sides with a height of nine inches.  They set perfectly into the base.  I made what appear to be Gothic hinges out of Fimo and cured them over the edge of a cigar box in my little toaster oven that I keep under my bed,  Shhhhh ! 

...and I just used a super glue and glued them onto the glass to hold the frame together.   I plan to make the top on the same principle as the base, with the hopes of creating some kind of lighting, It will just fit on as a lid.  I had the corner glass shop cut the window glass for me and had them polish the edges.
My next step is landscaping the base and soon I will show you some ideas I have to do that . 

I also want to show you some cool tall grasses I made out of a few bundles of pine needles...I'm going to plant them around an old fence post.  I'll also be showing you how I built the neatest little drying rack for my air dry clay...stick around,  Subscribe, do what ever you need to do...but check back and we'll start where we left off...
...and I believe in fairies !

I've become very absorbed in making little people and things out of clay in our craft class, but  I have to be very careful around here because they scare the other inmates...they wake up screaming!

This week I've been working on a display case for a little fellow that  I call 'Jimson Weed'

This pic is where it stands at the moment: